Baseball Clinics

Perfect your complete game with expert coaches. Skills programs are designed for novice thru elite players and spend time on all aspects of the game with special emphasis on technique.

youth hitting

Fundamental Baseball Skills

Baseball 1 (6-8yrs), 3 (8-10yrs) and 5 (11-14yrs)

Classes emphasise the fundamentals; proper hitting technique, throwing mechanics and fielding skills. Players in this series of classes are new to the game or have played less than two years.

throwing youth

Development Baseball Skills

Baseball 2 (6-8yrs), 4 (8-10yrs)

Advancing hitting technique and tactics, perfecting throwing mechanics and fielding skills. Designed for player with a good foundation and some competitive experience.

cardinal hitter

Advanced Baseball Skills

Baseball 6 (11-15yrs or coach recommended)

Perfecting hitting technique to achieve accuracy, distance and execute game tactics, throwing mechanics and fielding skills. Designed for competitive players.

windmill pitching

Pitching Clinics


Pitching clinics for your game with a coach who has played (or plays) at a high level. Perfecting technique to achieve accuracy and distance and ensuring solid mechanics to avoid long term injury. Designed for competitive players.