Baseball Skills

Perfect your complete game with expert coaches. Skills programs are designed for novice thru elite players and spend time on all aspects of the game with special emphasis on technique.

youth hitting

Baseball 1

(7-11yrs) beginner

Emphasis on proper hitting technique, throwing mechanics for distance, pitching for accuracy and fielding skills.

throwing youth

Baseball 2

(10-15yrs) intermediate

Advancing hitting technique and tactics, perfecting throwing mechanics and fielding skills.

cardinal hitter

Baseball 3

(13-18yrs) advanced

Perfecting hitting technique to achieve accuracy, distance and execute game tactics, throwing mechanics and fielding skills.

Seasons 2017-8

Fall 12-13 wks Sep 25 - Dec 18 $177-191*
Winter 9 wks Jan 6 - Mar 8 $133*
Spring 9 wks Mar 17 - May 17 $133*

*$20 annual membership required & HST


Baseball 1 Baseball 2 Baseball 3
 age 7-11 years 10-15 years 13-18 years
Thursday 5:45pm 7pm 8:15pm
Saturday 8:30am 9:45am 11am


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